Tourist Photography 101

For starters, if you follow my thirdworldtourist IG account, you’ll have to know off the bat that I don’t use an iPhone or a GoPro. Patronising top tier, expensive, and ‘cool’ brands aren’t my thing. It’s not the Third World Tourist Way.

What I do use is a 2nd hand, 2 year old, Xiaomi Mi3 which I bought off a friend who had too many smartphones. I was able to buy it for P8,000 ($170) last 2014. The other phone I go around with which I actually use for texting and calls is a Nokia 1100. It’s 4 years old.

The cheap and trusty Xiaomi Mi3 and the ever dependable Nokio 1100. Dual lightsabers in the battle of thrifty touring.
touristography yi
1/3 the price of a GoPro Hero 3 with all it’s features. XiaoMi the money! And yes, this was taken using the Mi3.

And as for my action camera shots, I was able to discover the XiaoMi Yi just in time for my trip to Maldives last 2015. Wish I had it earlier though, this would’ve been fun shooting around the time we were crossing the salt flats or climbing Machu Picchu. Since it’s cheap, you can take more adventurous shots.

In this section, I’ll be sharing the following:

  1. Photos of the people I’ve met along the road (cause in my IG, you mostly see only me)
  2. Tips and tricks I shared with my friends when posing for photos, or taking them.
  3. Anecdotes and stories about places, personalities, and feelings at the time the photos were being taken. And, of course,
  4. Some old photographs from way back that I may find relevant as reference.

Enjoy, and happy clicking!