Let’s Begin

Welcome. First, let’s get one thing straight. This IS NOT about soul-searching. This ain’t a ‘not all who wander are lost’ type of travelogue. I am definitely  NOT  encouraging you to quit your day job just to travel or ‘see the world’. In fact it’s quite the opposite. See, almost everyone I meet keeps on saying how they wish they could just stop adulting for a while and take a vacation.

grumpy cat adulting

Then this idea below came about:


I’ve spent the past year and a half (Oct 2014-Mar 2016) going on vacations once every month to test this theory. And now, this is me coming back. Or more like giving back.

I’m here to tell you: GO take that well deserved break: go on vacation; file that leave and do that long overdue adventure you’ve always wanted to partake in; and hike, dive, or whatever. And that you’ll be able to do it without breaking your bank account; at the same time, keep your job. This is the best time to get lost.

Yes, it’s about getting lost. But, most importantly, it’s also about finding your way back.

Let’s admit it. Not everyone is built for the ‘outdoors’, or, is loaded enough to go on a ‘EAT-PRAY-LOVE’ kind of traveling spree. But everyone, once or twice a year, feels that necessary urge to just go and get lost. So this is for them. This is for YOU. If you belong to any of the two types of people, who are:

  1. TIME-poor: someone who easily gives up on vacationing because of work deadlines
  2. CASH-poor: someone who hasn’t got enough moolah to spend on trips, or, someone whose financially burdened by more pressing matters


5 months into this ‘social experiment’, I have to admit, I almost lost track of my expenses. All I did was say yes to any offered job or project, big or small. Managing my deadlines so that it would favor both me and my client was the sweet spot. I would say it came at a fortunate time because I just finished being number 1 and was transitioning to number 2.

If you belong to both, sorry, I can’t help you. At least if your time-poor, that should mean you’re doing well with your job. You oughta be loaded. That’s a good sign. If you’re plain poor, then that means either you don’t have a steady job or the office isn’t dependent on your presence. You have the gift of time, which is good as well. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty later.

For now all I can say is get lost, love your job, and most importantly, have fun then REPEAT. Cause that’s when the real adventure really begins. You’d be surprised how far, or near,  you can go without ever looking back.IMG_20150423_103128

Like maybe, somewhere as far as between the borders of Chile and Bolivia.



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  1. paulgarilao says:

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    1. Salamat, kapatid! 😀


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