Plenty > Empty

Money makes the world go round: FALSE. 

Money makes you go round the world: TRUE.

While it’s true I’ve suspended all my trips (til October, ang hirap talaga hindi kumagat sa seat sale), I’ve also made it a conscious effort to stay put and work harder.
It doesn’t stop there, I’m also walking in offices to do interviews for long-time temp work. I’m staying grounded anyway, so might as well. It’s crazy but the idea is to get to maximum earning capacity while entertaining these crazy ideas I have to see through. Besides, I’ll need the money where I’m planning on going next. So help me God!
My baby pet projects: Will I earn from them? I dunno. Will it be fun? Hell, effin-yes.
The travel blog which will be filled with memoirs, unorthodox tips on saving, and the jologs side of traveling on a budget is here. I think you’re most likely familiar with it. If not, please follow the blog and the IG thirdworldtourist
Trying to stay grounded for 3 months for now. It will be difficult, but not impossible.
I’ve also set up a minihostel called thirdworldtourist HQ, which is here in airbnb. Planning to fill it with accessories and items us thirdworlders take pride in, like the tabo, yung baso na galing sa garapon ng kape, at walang kamatayang abaniko pamaypay. Looking for a ‘God bless our home’ rug, yung may mga asong nagpupusoy. It’s 95% complete and will be up and running soon once I get the internet properly working.
I’m also co-managing a custom active wear shop named TeamSpirit. We cater mainly to the basketball, football, soccer, badminton, community. But recently, we’ve entered the multisport scene. So it’s pretty exciting. If you have any passion projects involving printing on fabric, we do that as well. I’m talking to someone interested in putting up a bikini line (oh yeh), and a baby/toddler fashion line.
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.51.42 PM
The latest, Beforever. Or BeforeForever, an idea coming from a good deed. Recognizing the steady growth of the wedding industry here and in neighboring countries, I’m thinking it might be a good art form to put out there. LIKE and FOLLOW the page for updates and quirkiness on this thing called forever.
Beforever_e flyer
Seem as if I have plenty on my plate. Rather plenty than empty, don’t you think 🙂 Have a happy friday!

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