ETD:60 days

Yup, that’s right. I have exactly 2 months to get this up and running again. *sign of the cross* Here goes nothing.

Plenty > Empty

I’ll need the money where I’m planning on going next. So help me God!

Travel Expo Trick or Treats

With roughly 7 hours left to go, you can still be part of the madness. Every budget traveler should attend these at least once. It can really give a solid perspective on, A) how much money can be saved if a DIY trip was planned instead, and B) what other non-mainstream destinations you can combo…

Essential Third World Powers/Survival Skills

Being born and bred in third world-concrete jungle-pollution infested-Manila could just be the best thing that ever happened to me. As my fellow travel enthusiast Lissa once said, “Forget New York! If kaya mong hindi maligaw at magsurvive sa Maynila, you can make it anywhere. FUCK NEW YORK, eww.”   Okay, I exaggerated on that…

Flirting with Film

Here are some shots I took that prove that the brand OR AGE of a camera doesn’t really matter. What’s important is you have fun with the process. The product will follow.

Moms of the World

Since I’ve turned freelance, I’m now able to spend more time with my mom since she herself retired and said bon voyage to the 9-5 kind of life. More than traveling and getting to take vacations in a heartbeat, casual and friendly convos with my mother and learning about her life has been most fulfilling,…


Thanks for visiting! You may have noticed a lot of menus and tabs are up, but aren’t quite functional yet. It is only because if there is one talent I’m bad at, it’s writing. Trust that I am doing the best I can though. And I learn fast. 🙂 While it is unfortunate that this…

“What TOKYO SEOUL long?”

Finally finished editing sight bites from my last trip. View it and my other travel films at vimeo here. Wish I included some of the photos in the cut, but if you want, most of them are in my instagram. Follow me as @thirdworldtourist. More to come in the next coming weeks. Travel Recipe to follow….

“Don’t be a Tourist. Be a Traveler.”

I don’t totally agree with this. Hindi naman lahat may wanderlust na pangEAT, PRAY, LOVE na may matinding hugot or mid-life crisis. At lalo na, hindi lahat kayang magresign para lang masabing ‘man of the world’ na sila. At the end of the day, to be able to go on a vacation for a couple of…


  “It was sopas talaga. I wish I could’ve stayed longer.” Prep time: 30 days (must reserve tickets going up Macchu Picchu in advance) Budget: P170,000 ($3,555 +/-) Duration: 26 days Ingredients: 1 fresh passport preferred over nearly expiring ones  2 bundles of photocopies of your passport, e-tickets with embassy addresses. 2 cups of optimism…