Travel Expo Trick or Treats

With roughly 7 hours left to go, you can still be part of the madness.

Every budget traveler should attend these at least once. It can really give a solid perspective on, A) how much money can be saved if a DIY trip was planned instead, and B) what other non-mainstream destinations you can combo together with what you already planned.

But aside from that, here are other things that I discovered as I trick or treated my way around the Travel Expo at the SMX.

TRICK. Those posted prices don’t include tax, etc. There’s usually an additional $75 per way.


Also expect that the prices you see are one way only. Unless it’s indicated ALL-IN or ROUND TRIP somewhere with an asterisk.

For 2pax, both of you can get at least P5000 off of your flight which isn’t so bad compared to the cheapest flight available via skyscanner. The LAX/SFO is roughly P28000++ while in skyscanner, it’s P32000++


TREAT. If you are planning on going to Japan anytime soon, have your visa processed here! P500 is all it takes to avail of a voucher that lets you apply for a tourist or a multiple entry visa. The regular price is P1500

Hey! You can make a business out of this?! Charge your friends P1000 for it, they still save at least P500 from other travel agents 🙂

TRICK. Designers are dubious. Careful cause some postings can be confusing since there are no currency signs ($,P). Hassle kung pumila ka ng pagkahaba-haba only to find out na dollars pala yung package na inaasam asam mo.

TREAT. It should soon be named TRAVEL CON™ cause the cosplayers are starting to invade it.

Nice idea, lady. Next time I’ll walk in as a Mexican Luchador–topless wearing tights and a cape. Just you wait.

And my favorite

Ninjas letting you throw shurikens to win prizes!

TREATS, TREATS, TREATS. The gist of going to these expos is to really milk other options in getting to travel cheaper, acquiring some neat stuff, and getting information unavailable elsewhere. So whether by getting discount coupons to up and coming theme parks…

One only? Slow day I guess, so they gave me 5 each.


Or getting info on cheaper and more efficient routes through non-touristy destinatios from locals, attending this nitty gritty travel expo is a real treat overall.

JUST REMEMBER TO BRING CASH cause most of the promo fares are for straight charge or cash only. The ATMs will be flooded with people.

As for me, what did I get away with? The visa processing for my family, if you’re curious 😉  also, it’s a cool advanced Christmas gift to some friends.

Happy trick or treating! And please follow my Instagram: thirdworldtourist and email me at : if you just want to say ‘hi’ or ‘eff off’.

Thanks for dropping by :*



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