Moms of the World

Since I’ve turned freelance, I’m now able to spend more time with my mom since she herself retired and said bon voyage to the 9-5 kind of life.

More than traveling and getting to take vacations in a heartbeat, casual and friendly convos with my mother and learning about her life has been most fulfilling, I admit.

Iba kasi yung pagkakilala mo sa magulang habang bata ka kumpara sa kung mas madami ka ng karanasan sa buhay. Nakakatuwa lang malaman yung mga detalye ng ligawan ng mga magulang ko. I laughed so hard when I found out my dad courted her through the phone, initially, by accidentally dialing a wrong number.

mothers day_tinder
Daddy resorting to the ‘oops, i dialed a wrong number’. Style mo, daddy, ha. Sabagay. Wala pa namang Tinder noon.

She asked why I laughed. Sabi ko, “Style lang ni Daddy yun, pero matagal ka niya gusto. Malamang nahingi niya number mo sa common friend.” Upon hearing this, my mother smiled.

Now that she’s turned into a grandma, I have mixed emotions because being a mama’s boy this means she’ll be attending more to my nephew’s (sometimes annoying) needs.

But it’s okay. Our moms brought us selflessly into the world without. They brought us up to be ready for the world. And I’m down with that.

I’m skipping the bouquet of flowers and surprise breakfast this time with this instead. This is for all mothers out there.


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