“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou

The rumors aren’t true: I haven’t won the lottery nor have I sold any vital internal organs at the black market. Wala po akong dowry na minana, at mas lalong hindi pa po ako kasal. Don’t let my surname fool you either, I’m no haciendero.

If anything, it was pure blind luck and hard work that made this ‘stunt’ possible for me.

Luck, because I’ve been surrounded by generous friends who, at the same time, appreciated the kind of work I do; because I have a supportive family who trusts my decisions however absurd they may be; and, simply because of the divine element, that thing we call ‘timing’. (Kala mo tadhana, noh?)

Hardwork, because I’m not as talented as others may think (good looking, perhaps, but not talented). I think I’m the only none-metal winning advertising creative that’s still alive. But still I loved the work.


Timing because I remember praying to God sometime mid 2014, that I’d travel as much as my friend Lissa, if I had the money and the means. The following month I was offered 7 projects of which I said a big “YES” to.

A lot of sacrifices were made. I slept less than 4 hours a day for the next 5 weeks. It was amazing how I survived.


Even while traveling around, I worked and was just about ready to whip out my Mac anywhere just to meet an emergency deadline. But anyway. As one of my all time favorite print ads said,

“Nothing great comes easy.” 

What comes easy and natural for me though is giving praise and gratitude. So I decided that it would only be right to dedicate my first entry to say a simple ‘thank you’.

Thank you, God. You’re the best. You know you can be so funny yet downright mean sometimes, but it’s all good.


I’d like to thank my mom, Elizabeth for just being the person that she is. Oo, nanay ko siya. Pero bilang tao, masasabi ko, kahit hindi kami magkadugo, the best ka talaga, Ma. Also, I’ve been so lucky and blessed as well to have my brothers Francis, and Franklin. Thanks, guys, for not reacting violently when I always leave the house.



Thanks to Melvin, Boss Jim, and Sir Tong. What I learned in TBWA\SMP and valuing ‘disruption’ will always be at the core of everything I do, thanks to you. I’m also grateful to Joey, Angel, Paula, Richie, Rey, and Mishelle!

My heart goes out to Karl & Heidi of the Henann Resort Group. Working with you guys is the epitomē of ‘businesss mixed with pleasure’. You guys rock!

I’d also want to thank Agnes of Fluid and Nicky of Brandworx. This year also wouldn’t be possible without the adorable couple Sharon & Dick of Waveplay Interactive and SkinTec, respectively. Thank you for trusting me to do stuff for you.

My friends who made me do creative projects like logos, interior decorating, and even up to PAing for a concert, etc; Natz, Liel, Ara, Jeremy, Luke, Dr Cj, Chris & Jody, Luis & Lia, Pat & Uana, Miko & Alex. From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys. No project is big or small. ❤


Also to my other friends who took time to meet up, chat, eat, and lend me a place to stay for a night or so in their respective homes. I will be forever grateful to you: Juli, Knox, Corey, Bill, Paulo, Eri & Yoshi, Ditdit, Charm, Mickie, Paulina, Tita Edna, Jackie, Celson, Sarah, Audrey, Ju Hong, and Kathleen. You guys made all my destinations a cozier place to stay.


Lastly, thanks to the person who I got this idea to ‘travel til you drop’—Lissa, who also happens to be an excellent copywriter and a true “Trip Advisor” in every essence. Thank you. Will visit Roxas soon, I promise.

Okay, enough of this Oscar Award acceptance speech and let the vacaloging begin!


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